About us

Gruhe Architects is a Chartered Architects practice established in 2008, with an eclectic experience of work from the UK and overseas.


The practice experience covers Residential, Masterplanning, Commercial, Ecclesiastical & Light Industrial sectors. However, Michael & Pearl Cooray have had a wider exposure of working on projects in Education, Entertainment, Custodial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and large scale Master-planning, with over 5 decades of architectural experience between them.


Both Michael & Pearl are passionate about using their skills to help people have access to habitable accommodation. Having firm roots in Sri Lanka, they volunteered their time to help with post tsunami rebuilding. They have also participated in the previously popular 'Architect in the house’ a RIBA initiative raising funds for Shelter, and are hoping to raise funds through their own design surgery events for other charitable causes.

Team Gruhe
Michael Cooray
Pearl Cooray

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